Goose Ham

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The goose ham is obtained in an artisanal way in all the different processes of salting, drying, curing, and for its final vacuum packaging, it is cut with a knife by a professional ham cutter.


Vacuum packed in blister packs of 100 g.


This product is elaborated with the breast (magret of goose), of our geese raised in freedom and fed with acorns to give the flavor that differentiates it from any other product of similar characteristics,
Goose ham, as a starter or appetizer, is usually the beginning that makes the difference from a normal meal to another made with exquisiteness and that wants to surprise the rest of diners. In addition to its excellent quality and smooth texture, it is also presented with attention to detail.

Its presentation and vacuum packaging is perfect for opening and airing the product 15 minutes before consumption to take its exquisite flavor and excellent texture.


magret of goose and salt.

Nutritional Values:

Energy value (kcal) (kcal/100g) 372
Energy value (kJ) (kJ/100g) 1546
Monounsaturated fats 16,62
Polyunsaturated fats 3,22
Carbohydrates 4,28
Oleic oil and isom trans c18:2n6t 56,85

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